Thursday, June 18, 2015

CRM 2011 Quick Find Search results grid not showing header data

We have faced an issue with quick search not showing header data. fields are visible but data is not visible in the grid.

We have a Quote OOB entity and Quote Part which is a custom entity and has 1:N relationship with Quote

In the main navigation we have the quote part entity displayed under sales.

When we initially open the quote part entity grid it shows all the fields of quote and quote part with all the data visible.

Once i search with one of the quote part field it shows the NO OF RESULTS correctly but it returns the Quote related fileds empty.

After log of research and trail and error method we have found that the Quick find configuration has a problem.

No Fields were selected in Quote part quick find (Find Fields)  After we select the few fields in the FIND COLUMNS it started returning the data for the Quote attributes. Weird but true.

This is no where documented in SDK. So thought it will be helpful for anyone else who face the same issue

Here are the screenshots showing the error